Sunday, February 16, 2014

Two Original Poems: "Welcome to Flunderland" and "Strangeness"

"Welcome To FlunderLand"

Welcome! Welcome, To FlunderLand!
Would you like a tour? Would you like a tour?
You would! Good!
Please follow me
We’re about to start.
A seat for you with your name in black.

On your right! On your right!
You’ll see the dangerous Butter Tree.
Its butter is priceless. Its butter good.
But try to steal it will cut you in two.
So Careful, Careful don’t go near.

On your left! On your left!
Are the fearful Trimplets.
They’re furry and brown and have tiny eyes
Unless they’re flashed unless they’re photographed.
They’ll turn into monsters six feet tall
And devour you whole.
Careful, Careful please don’t take pics.

Look up! Look Up!
You’ll see a Kitnip eating a sour puss,
Drinking it with a cup of tea.
Careful, Careful don’t lean out,
Or it’ll serve you with a slice of butter.

Look down! Look down!
And you’ll see a rare creature.
A whining whale dining on wine
While its baby bops and drops.
Careful, Careful don’t reach down to far
Or you’ll get invited to a tea party and never come back.

Goodbye! Goodbye!
Hope you enjoyed our tour.
We do apologize to those who died
But our only rebuttal
Is that you ignored our cautions

So Goodbye!


Who is this person, sitting near me?
He’s wearing a parka made of hemp!
He’s wearing his hair in very tight braids!

Such strangeness! Such strangeness I find here.
In the land of the Chaotic. In the land of the Free.
Nothing exists in my land that is this strange.
How can it be? How can it exist?

Such strangeness! Such strangeness I find here.
Yet, this strangeness appeals me.

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