Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Quick Look At Intertextuality In The Media

Intertextuality is when a text uses (an) idea(s)/concept(s) established by another text and redevelops it for its own purpose, but still keeps those ideas, concepts, images, forms, and structure at the base of its content. In other words the original text and new text are conversation with each other. The conversation that takes place between the texts is usually the text making comments/analyzing the original's text concepts and ideas. Intertextuality can also be allied the media and to other art forms. The most common form of Intertextuality in the media is when a book is adapted into a film or tv show. When a book is adapted into a film or tv show the basic plot, concepts, and ideas are kept while the format and structure may not. One example of this is The Hunger Game Series, where the books are in first person and gets to inside Katness' mind and see the internal struggles she has with her feelings for Peeta. While in the film the first person is dropped in favor of a third person narrative even though the film follows Katniss' experience. Even though it follows Katniss' experience , the internal dialogue/internal struggles gets cut down to how well the actress can portray those feelings. Some argue that the actress that plays Katniss does a good job and some argue that she doesn't. Intertextuality can be applied to varies art forms, of literature, of media and even to theory.

-Osiel Rodriguez  

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