Monday, May 12, 2014

Final Class Reflection

Osiel Rodriguez
Professor Wexler
English 495ESM
May 12, 2013
Final Class Reflection

            The blog that we had to maintain for the class during the semester was really interesting because it taught me how to make a blog and maintain it. Although I did not successfully maintain the blog, as I should have, it helped me think critically outside the classroom, for the weekly reflections that I did complete. Also the films and documentaries that we saw in class also helped me that almost everything now is about making money and charging for services and products that have been free before. For example, the McDonald’s that I work at, we don’t have an extra fee if a customer asks for extra condiments while we do charge extra for ingredients they want to have in their burger, the extra charge depends on what ingredient that want to add. However the McDonald’s on Northoff and Reseda charges an extra fee for any extra condiments that you want plus there is also an extra fee, depending on what else you add to your meal, for extra ingredients. This can also be seen in free to play games where you don’t have to pay any money to own the game, but there are micro charges for the “good” items and perks. Another thing that we did that stuck with me and will help me for my teaching career is when incorporated technology in the classroom and presented it to the whole class. It taught me various things: the first being how to come up with a rubric that incorporated both a creative writing rubric as well as the technology that we presented to the whole class, it also reminded me of the techniques that I learned in my Theater class to get the students attention to continue with the lesson plan and that although you have a lesson plan for that day make sure that you always have a backup plan just in case.

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